Orient: Redefining Luxury

IMG_20200116_134234A luxurious home is always my first love keeping in mind my passion for interior decor and if that luxury is within one’s reach and affordable then, why not? Recently, I attended Orient’s new grandeur launch and it being one of India’s leading consumer electrical brands; I was really looking forward to see what’s in store for the noon! I personally love exploring new electronics, home appliances and anything decor for my house.  

I just had a brief idea about something luxurious being unveiled and a little overheard buzz about a chandelier which could change lives and the way we looked at our home ceilings.  There were three variants to this revealed one after the other and these were Elegenza, Orient’s newly launched Premium Chandelier Air Circulating Fans. Who would have thought that we were in for such a pleasant surprise? The Chandeliers looked so gorgeous and had a unique feature of air circulation as well! I honestly have never seen something like this before and at this point Orient has redefined Luxury for me! 



The high end Crystals and the cute yet compact premium metal finish body of the Chandelier are perfect for your living room. Talking about key features, they include 3 coloured LED lights that can be adjusted according to your mood! They have 4 retractable transparent ABS blades which are the focal point! The Chandeliers are a style statement in itself, as it is like a perfect piece of art to one’s abode. They have a silent operation and are so effective in functioning, literally cooling the room and your mood.  Everything is remote controlled and as per your convenience. 


Elegenza has been such a game changer in the market of Ceiling fans and also in terms of adding a designer touch to your space! This is a perfect amalgamation of glamour meeting functionality! The price was a talking point of Elegenza’s launch with it being Luxury within a budget! Orient has always been taking everybody by a storm with their unique launches and innovation, but with this one it has taken a step ahead adding luxury and oomph to our houses! 



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