Fab Hair with Himalaya Personal Care

I have always been in a fix with my hair reacting to the weather, especially in winters it just doesn’t listen to me and plans to a bid goodbye. It really gets tough for me to maintain them and give them the proper nourishment and essential care.


When I say this, I might sound cliched because this is every girl’s night mare and consumes majority of their life.  I was recently invited at the #4fabuloushair event at Manea Salon by Himalaya. It was an afternoon that I was all ready to indulge into, because they had a complete ritual to pamper my hair!

They have come up with the the #antihairfall range where you just achieve fabulous hair in 4 steps! Amazing right? Let me take you through what exactly they are.



First, they oiled my hair with the Himalaya Anti Hair fall oil and messaged my head gently, the oil contains bhringaraja and amalaki which is proven to promote hair growth.  After a relaxing good head message, they rejuvenated my hair with a little steam for about 10 minutes, this step really taps the moisture in your hair and gives you the nourishment you need! I didn’t want this step to end, I think it was so soothing to my senses.  Now you would ask me how can we do that at home? Just take a hot towel and wrap it around your head, it works wonders!


After a little while, shampooing my hair with the Anti Hair Fall shampoo that helps you reduce hairfall and later conditioning it with the Anti Hairfall Conditioner that leaves your hair soft and shiny!  Now most of the girls often skip the step of conditioning their hair, but it is a step that basically is taming your hair and avoids breakage.

The last step is exciting and intriguing, we never usually do this, but Himlaya has always been known for taking extra care with the most natural ingredients. The Anti Hair Hair Cream that you can either use before the wash or leave in there after you wash it. The bhringaraja and amla in it improves hair growth and strengthens your hair!


That’s it! I converted my Sunday doing exactly this and it really helped me relax more than ever. Physically with the 4 steps and mentally I am lesser tensed about my hair fall. This range is suitable to all hair types, even colored hair and it is super easy and affordable.

This is for all you girls, you should go try it out and let me know how did you like the entire range that was curated for your hair to be Fabulous as ever!

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