Resolving all your doubts on laser hair removal

Tired of threading your fuzzy female mustache? Body hair shouldn’t be something coming your way anymore, especially every few days. Today, on the blog, we are discussing Laser Hair Removal and also resolving the most common apprehensions you might have.

I’m sure everyone wants fresh, polished and superfine skin and that makes you curious about how laser hair removal can aid in that process. My search for Laser hair removal ended with Oliva Skin And Hair Clinic and I have gathered a stack of questions to know more about the procedure, its side effects and most significantly the debates that surround Laser Hair Removal.  A tête-à-tête with Dr. T N Rekha Singh, Senior Dermatologist at Oliva, called for an easy and comfortable session, which was long due for a journey to beautiful skin.

If you think it’s pricey for you to invest in a laser treatment right now, think about all the countless monthly trips you will pay to your parlour for your waxing shenanigans in a lifetime! It is one of the most efficient (and painless!) way to get rid of your hair; like a long term investment.

Chatting with Dr. Rekha about Laser Hair Reduction


How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Dr Rekha – Firstly, start with understanding the life-cycle of the hair; it passes through three stages, Anagen (Growing Phase), Catagen (Intermediate) and Telogen (Growing or Shredding).  The duration of the cycle can vary in each of the body part. The laser targets the hair in the growing phase and acts on the mother cells. We need to work multiple sessions because we don’t know which particular hair is in the growing stage, and that is the reason we need the client to come back for recurring sessions. It gets challenging to treat Indian skin tone as the lasers acts on the melanin but the equipment at Oliva are curated to work well for Indian skin tones especially!

Is it painful?      

It is not painful; it gives a very hot massage feel to your skin and a slight tingling sensation. If smaller and more sensitive body parts react to it and there is a slight pain in those areas, we use Topical Anaesthesia to avoid the same.

What are the side effects of Laser? 

There are no side effects as such because the laser is only absorbed by the hair follicle and the wavelength in the laser light has a particular target. The laser just attacks the mother cells and not the skin. This process is known as Selective Photothermolysis. Laser can be done in sensitive body parts like the Bikini line and under arms. This only reflects how harmless it is to opt for. There is a slight redness after the procedure on some lighter skin toned people. The best way to handle this to always do a patch test before the complete procedure begins.

How many sessions it usually take?

On an average one would need six to eight sessions. If a person has any hormonal imbalance resulting in thicker hair, they are likely to have three to four more sessions.

Are some people better candidates for Laser Hair Removal?

Yes! If there is a lot of contrast between the skin-tone and the colour of the hair, such candidates respond faster. Laser won’t deviate on the target and usually give very accurate results on a lighter skin toned person than a person who does not possess a great contrast between the skin colour and hair.

What are the precautions one should take before going through the procedure? 

We usually suggest a person not to bleach their hair because it becomes difficult to detect its colour. A person with bleached hair isn’t an appropriate candidate for Laser treatment.  One can only use certain depilatory creams and close shave their hair only under urgent situations otherwise to avoid it completely. No home remedies or salon services should be taken one-week prior or post the treatment. Avoid heavy workouts for a day due to sweating and abstain from wearing heavy makeup post the treatment for approximately 12-24 hours. If we are treating the underarms, then deodorants should be avoided.

A customer prepping up for the Procedure of Laser Hair Reduction


How much gap should be given between two sessions?

We never want to rush the process; we find the most effectual ways to treat one’s skin. A minimum gap of four weeks for the face and six weeks for other body parts should be given during the procedure. This is because we have to wait for the maximum growth of hair so we can target it better.

Is laser hair removal permanent? Are touch ups required in the near future?

After Laser treatment, the hair strand is reduced to fine baby hair and not thick like before, so even if the hair grows back, it will be very minute and negligible on your body and will not disturb you. Certain people with any kind of Hormonal Imbalance might need a touch up down the line.

How much does a session cost? 

It really depends and fluctuates on the type of technology we use, for example full arms might cost you somewhere around 14000-15000 INR per session and the cost of legs would be marginally more than the arms.

At the Oliva Corporate Office for a Visit
Over all, talking to the doctor really helped me clear my head and get rid of the inhibitions I had about opting for Laser Hair Removal!


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