Wich Way?

Long time no see? Today, I have a post for you that will make you have sandwich pangs because these are the epitome of a ideal sandwich pleasure. Pizzas, salad, pannini or a signature sandwich. The ambience is your go to old school cafe, its your choice to whether sit or take it away and have  great house party. This is the Wichy Way, Himayatnagar we are here to explore.  Like it says: Less Bullshit, More Sandwich.


Ill tell you my favorites? The mountain is some real inudulgence, four layers of some goodness, melting chicken, buttery eggs loaded with cheese. One full bite and a burst of flavors.

The Mountain


We tried the classic chicken-pepperoni pizza, cheese and lots of sauce.  An assortment of salads, fresh and healthy with your choice of veggie, sauces and toppings! I loved the tex mex salad : crispy lettuce, chiptole chicken, nachos, jalapenos, beans and a spicy dressing.


From the signatures we also had the cheese fries as a side delight. Along with the garlic bread which completed my meal.


Look at our table, full of this delish spread! You can also accompany yourself with some games like Jenga, Uno that adds on to your great time at Wich Way! Sip on to beverages like cereal latte, oreo coffee, vanilla mochiato and so much more.


Personally, I have eaten so many sandwiches at various places in the city, but a proper sandwich is defined by Wich Way, I have been here twice and I know my favorites to order here. When I am in the mood to binge eat, I come down here.


Address: 3-6-156/a, Royal Comforts, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad, 9885723000

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