Bombae Winters









If you know me, you know that Mumbai is my most favorite city in this country. My mum is from Mumbai, which makes it even more special. I have been visiting it without fail  since I wasn’t even born, since ’93.  But, I never got a chance to click this many pictures because it was such a routine to go there every year that enjoying my own time was more important than being clicked. This year, I made sure I capture my favorite parts of the city and create some content for my blog.

I had to choose SOBO ( if you are a true Mumbaiite, you will get what I mean)! Specially the vintage old European architecture, the crazy Sassoon dock art project and some coffee at the famous LE15 Colaba! We went out for a stroll early morning to have the best of view from Taj, which is less crowded in the morning. It is flocked with people who are all game for pre-wedding and baby shower shoots.

Dressing up was not the main idea, but being clicked at my favorite spots was! My love for Mumbai is inexplicable, the people, the hustle, the adrenaline rush to go beyond your capacity, the opportunities, the exposure, the food, the sea, the undying zeal to do something new everyday. I remember going to my nani’s place every year and crying while coming back to Hyderabad, which still makes me sink. It is my happy place.

The Sasoon Docks literally surprised me, the graffiti walls, the interiors that were so intricately transformed into art pieces and so much more. There already so much said about it that I just want to leave it here, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, tell me what is your favorite city and why?

Pictures clicked by: Divya Thaker


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