State of Art X Adheera

adheera (1).jpg

adheera (4).jpg

adheera (6).jpg

adheera (7).jpg

adheera (5).jpg

adheera (8).jpgWearing: Adheera; Photography: Vamsi Krishna Varma; Location: Address Home

Rustic, Chic and Free. This is what today’s post is all about, I can fill in my whole website with handmade and hand printed clothes, just like Adheera’s clothes are a state of art. Dipika Udhani just loves experimenting with prints and that’s how she found her love in Tie Dye, every piece of her’s is an art in itself. A lot of bold colors, with a great print on each and most importantly they are sustainable and wearable fashion. Her inspiration are the forgotten traditional techniques of fashion.

Adheera’s designs are a revolution, I love they are so free and fearless! There are absolutely no rules in wearing one and that’s what makes it so unique.  I styled the Jhalla Top in olive green with a crazy tie dye all over,  a very breezy easy attire to throw on with a nose pin. I just wanted to give the outfit an edge. Worked, I guess!

She does a lot of Shibori and indigo in her collection, her designs are unpredictable in the best manner and you never know each piece might surprise you! I have never won something like this earlier and had a very rustic look to my whole attire. What do you think?

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