What’s in the Box? ft. Vaya Tyffyns

vaya (1).jpg

vaya (2)
The graphite lunch box from the Vaya Tyffyn’s range of products.
Lunch served hot in my Vaya Tyfynn
Photography: Vamsi Krishna Varma

We all have a great association with our “dabbas” since childhood. Specially in India, the whole concept of a lunch in an individual’s life revolves around opening their tiffin boxes during the break and relishing your appetite. Vaya is one such brand I was recently introduced to, during an event that took place here in Hyderabad. I had heard about it early this year, when I stumbled upon this beauty on my Instagram and I was quite thrilled to know more about it.

The event was on the occasion of the launch of their new variant: the limited edition gold tyffyn which would be nothing less than an accessory for me. It was introduced to us in the most grand manner, not to forget the informative session that followed the launch. Personally, I didn’t know a Vaya tyffyn had so much within it.

The limited Edition Gold Tyffyn introduced recently.


I shall now make this post a little fun by stating 5 Reasons why you should own this marvellous new age tyffyn box:

  1. Warm food for about 5 to 6 hours: Who does not like to have that steamy hot bite amidst an hectic schedule? They have a vacu-therm insulating technology to take care of everything.
  2.  Leak Proof Lids: If you are a messy person then Vaya comes to your rescue, carry it however and whenever! They have high quality copper finish steel containers to keep your food in place.
  3.  More Variety: Hey Foodie! they do understand you love a lavish meal to yourself, Vaya ones in with partitions and smart sized compartments that help you store more food than any normal tiffin would do.
  4. Fits in easily: Now you don’t have to carry multiple dabbas, it fits in easily and is also very easy to carry even if it is just that!
  5. A chic Accessory: Vaya is the style statement that adds edge to your daily life. flaunt it as it is the best looking tyffyn ever!

Vaya just does not do tyffyns, but also takes care of your surroundings, they have a special bag curated for you to carry your lunch box which you can also turn into a mat and use it to avoid that mess.

Vaya Tyffyn on the Bagmat which makes your lunches so hassle-free.

You can visit http://www.vaya.in to get yours 🙂

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