Instagram’s ‘IT’ girls ft. The Hindu

I was recently featured in : The Hindu, read on to know more!


Fashion has seamlessly moved from runways to Instagram feeds. Three young bloggers speak of their passion for all things fashionable and how the all-pervasiveness of apps like Instagram has made them instant stars

Ishna Rawlani

Blogging for four years now, Ishna says that she always had a passion to start something in the field of fashion and blogging gave her the right opportunity to do so. The 24-year-old has blogged about fashion shows like Blender’s Pride and Manish Malhotra’s recent show apart from collaborating with brands like Diesel, Garnier, Lavie, Doodlage and India Circus amongst others.

She says, “I can express so much through my blog, specially my style, fashion sense and about myself. I started it out of my love for penning down things about the trends and here I am.” What differentiates her work, Ishna says is her refusal to compromise on quality. She elaborates on her work ethics: “I believe in quality over quantity, I cannot compromise on the picture quality and content. Each of my projects is at diverse locations across the city, which adds to the beauty of the picture and my social media feed. I start feeling guilty when I just shoot on a mediocre open area to meet deadlines. I will take a little more time than usual to deliver the result but quality is something I can’t compromise on.”

While her future plans include moving onto YouTube with videos and starting her own clothing line, the youngster admits that while she is addicted to Instagram, it only channels her passion towards fashion: “Social media is a great platform to express yourself and the hype is worth it. I am addicted to my Instagram; it inspires me so much in every way, especially the people across the world who you learn so much from. I believe that if you are consistent then you can definitely up your game. I make it a point to post regularly and keep my followers engaged.”

Ishna’s trend picks

Colour: Mint! It is so fresh and young.

Clothes: Sheer Crop tops, boyfriend denims, shirts and Athelisure wear.

Accessories: Body chains, neck ties and huge hoop earrings

By Mallik Thatipalli

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