Enchanting Woods







DSCF1926E.jpgWearing: Label Ishana; Photography: Vamsi Krishna Varma


Something Different, something fresh! That is what we planned to come up with for Label Ishana as I collaborated with Tanusha for the easy peezy lemon squeezy look. The label reminds me of the dressing rule – “Less is more” and how?

We hunted down for this location, I wanted something very dreamy and into the woods for this look, the stripes and checks are your everyday summer wear giving you the breeze in this hot summer. What goes with summer is the most minimal of makeup you shall wear as you don’t want to over do and equally match the hues of your attire.

Tanusha opted for a plaid dress with a half top knot and I went for the typical stripes which had a high low hem cut to it. An up-do works the best for me on my bad hair days. Of-course I like paring my Adidas superstars with everything! It gives a very modern edge to it.

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