7K9A8073E.jpgGown: Lurap; Location: ITC Kakatiya

Always dreamt of that perfect gown and here it is. It is such a hassle to find your own pick while you shop something ready-made, but somewhere I always believe in authentically wearing my imagination. Of course even that does not turn out perfect sometimes, the fit, the cloth and so much goes into it. But if you have a certain color, style or fabric in mind your search becomes the quest for the holy grail!

Ordering a custom made dress has traditionally been the privilege of the affluent and couture customers. Here is where Lurap comes in, it was conceived with the aim to offer affordable custom clothing to match every customer’s unique style and size profile.

They choose the style which is tailored fit by their expert professionals to create a signature style for every customer. Their aim is to offer customized clothing without boundaries! I gave them this design and the exact sizing plus additional instructions about the slit and the fall, they did and extremely great job because I don’t quite remember when was the last time I adorned such an ideally tailored dress. Don’t be stumbled upon the plethora of sizing they offer!

These beautiful pictures were clicked by Vamsi Krishna Varma, by far he is the most prompt and commendable with his work and I know of. You can follow him here at @kvsquare (Instagram).

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