Cherry on the Cake





7K9A5939E.jpgWearing: Rhea

Rhea, a contemporary jewelry line flabbergasted me with its ingenious pieces. Curated by Rima Jain, her line of fashion jewelry speaks out loud on every outfit one chooses to wear it over. Along with fine jewelry, sunglasses key chains and hair bands are some of the add ons to Rhea’s collection.

A crazy range of Statement necklaces that add a finishing touch which you can switch to wear to work, play or a date. Talking about the two pieces I styled, the deep sea love bracelet is very day party feel, carved with blue stones and gold mesh details and the other is a night bling gold wreath necklace which stands out with anything plain and solid.

One can stack on some sparkle, from Rhea and charm the attire. The accessories are effortless and I loved layering them with my denims and laces. It’s wonderful how accessories can change and express so much about a person’s personality and these pretty adornments never fail to do so. Let them do the talking?

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