Star Struck X Nordlich

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As the evenings get longer, nights get colder, snuggle up for the holiday season in many such cute designs from Nordlich as they give you a happy picture of a cozy night. We all know bed-time rituals also includes what we wear to sleep. Talking about my most preferred brand, they give you a reasonable enough upgrade to your style in bed. After all what could make you feel so comfortable other than a starry sleep tee which is so inviting?

Even if nobody gets to see you, you can make sure you are on fleek with your nightwear and fix your un-chic sleepwear. Christmas calls for being ever readily stylish between your sheets and also all set to decorate your tree. For this attire, I set myself loose and free, threw upon this gray starry sleep tee to relax on a Sunday morning a little extra, because this day of the week gets some more peculiar love than the rest.  This look is very relatable to the festive time and I love every inch of it!

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  1. daintystreet says:

    I have been following you religiously on insta and now I am floored by your blog too. 🙂 I mostly write about street fashion for petite girls in India at . It be interesting to you. If you like, do let me know. 🙂


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