Comfort Zone






Outfit: Stalk Buy Love; Location: Grand Trunk Road, Hyderabad ; Photography: Vamsi Krishna Verma 

I love being in my console zone, dressing down and utterly doing nothing. It is positively one of my much loved things to do. Right now, talking about how much I have on my plate already, which includes a lot of diverse stuff to do, I often take some time off to just do what I like doing and that means just lying down or sitting with my phone and relaxing.  Everybody around just needs some lone time with themselves, maybe a cup of coffee or a corner that calms you down and helps unwind.

I can wear, think and sit freely and I adore being in my own comfort zone! I don’t need a spa or a massage to feel that tranquility but it’s just this little time I take out for myself sitting at leisure that gives me that peace of mind.  Coming to this co-ord set, they are as simple and soothing as they appear to be. It really pacifies me to wear something so light colored yet looks so trendy; I would die for such clothing, if I could slip it in my daily schedule.  I chose to dress down with no accessories, messy hair and ofcourse being bare footed.  Just found my quiet spot and had my very personal “me time”.

What gives you the most inner peace?

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