Tie Dye Blues





DSC_3156.jpgTop: Raiman; Photography: Bhargava Iyer; Location: Air Live

Like I always love to try out new things, I got my hands on this blue tie dye top from Raiman; it has gorgeous blue tones with pink lining. I immediately thought of teaming it up with a blue plain saree for the whole focus to be on the blouse. Raiman is a label that focuses on creating fusion fashion using hand crafted textiles having a global aesthetic. They derive inspiration from the local surroundings capturing the tiniest of detail and incorporating it in their garments.

A weathered vintage breeze with a natural freshness flows through each piece made with love. The exceptionality it carries rests in the process of hand crafting the product in which the human touch, sweat and love has been invested. While, I feel you can also pair this top with a long skirt, culottes and also a pair of good denims, it is all about how you carry off the tie dye and add so much to your simple outfit.

I chose to be authentically Desi by adding a pop of pink bindi and draping a royal blue Saree over me. How would you pair your tie dye crop top?


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