Black is a Party!


DSC_3216 (1).jpg




Playsuit: Aruni Designs; Photography: Bhargava Iyer; Location: Air Live 

Hello everyone,

Back to the grind after a beautiful short trip to Thailand, I am stuck with a lot of pending shoots and posts to be completed. This one has been imminent since a very long time and I am finally penning it down. Aruni Designs has the most chic line of couture I have ever spotted around; it is a contemporary wearable label and is a creation of International Founder and Creative Head Aruni Banditanukul.

Aruni’s approach to her designs is extremely innovative and very relatable to the present fashion trends.  As explained by her it is an eclectic fusion of Indian meets Western influence; expect clothing that is expressive, intelligently convertible and effortlessly versatile.

Talking about this party play suit which gives cold shoulders and it’s just not all about the plain black but also minimalist color play details as well. Dying to try black lips, I finally got a chance to wear it with this outfit and I could not be any happier! The playsuit also has a vague self design to it which adds a lot of splendor to it in itself. I could not conclude it off without a choker!

Aruni has handcrafted each and everything paying keen attention to detail with precise tailoring, using the finest quality fabrics individually sourced from around the globe.


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