Saree:; Location: Pier 33

An Indian Girl and her love for Sari go hand in hand. More than the everyday dresses the Indian drape is contemporary, light and easy to wear and it adds on to your personality. Sometimes I do get bored from the usual way people drape it, the magic is in your hands to make it as ground-breaking as possible. One can play around the blouse and reinventing the diverse avatars of this timeless ensemble.

It is one of the iconic styles in the Indian clothing history and it’s all about having fun with it. Chatting about this look, it is a cotton handloom fabric Sari with a plain button up blouse that I chose to not style just the way it looks. The six yards is just not about draping, but also a good blouse really plays an important role. I opted for a bralette inside my blouse and wore the actual blouse like a shirt over it since it seemed a little loose-fitting for me.

It wasn’t a perfect draping but I still love the way it turned out, the whole short and bralette combination added a lot of power and structure.
The secret in this outfit is that I haven’t worn a petticoat below it but rather draped it on a pair of denims. Of course the petticoat is the star of the attire but what can one do when you forget to carry one.

Make your Sari relevant to the present lifestyle of the 21st century and put your best fashion foot forward.

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