Kaleidoscope X Ka:Sha






Wearing All क / श, Location: Casbah at Westin, Photography: Anees Tasneem Shaik 

Nothing less than a Kaleidoscope, Karishma Sahani Khan’s romance with her effervescent designs is thrilling. Talking about her main forte, her imagination lies within creating heirlooms which makes it very street-style like and exclusive. Kasha (क / श) celebrates handcrafted textiles and promotes natural dyes that are boundlessly gorgeous. The clothing is recycled and upcycle focused which makes it more extraordinary from the other labels.

Talking about the styling, I have layered two of her different pieces here; one of it is a solid Orange plain dress with blue & golden tiers below and a cape which has exceptionally striking hand print with a maroon border to it. One over the other, this garb looked something very exotic and which you have never seen it on the blog before. I adore handcrafted textiles and dye prints, they are really close to my heart in every way and so is the whole Kasha ensemble. Her designs weave magic and convey stories at the same time. One can go over the board crazy with layering क / श and creating a sole look out of mixing and matching all her designs. Nothing gets better than the whole rainbow colors the label has to offer you, they intermingle so well and that is what makes it look so marvelous!

She recently displayed her new collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2016, you can follow her page Ka-Sha for more.

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