Wearing: Nordlich Infiniti Night Suit, Photography: Anees Tasneem Shaik; Location: Westin Mindspace Hyderabad 

Let’s talk about the most comfortable thing on this planet, Pyjamas or Jammies. Do you dare to wear them at work or run errands in it? In my opinion I love the idea & I have tried the same at my work place; they were so at ease that I didn’t want to get out of it. Sometimes all you need to do is let your body breathe and ditch the system of ‘dressing up’.

I believe bed dressing should not be constrained solely to the room, it is just in one’s mind to wear them only during the time you take a fine sleep, but for me it’s absolutely acceptable to wear them wherever I go as you are wearing it clean and right. Imagine feeling so relaxed and homely with your clothing all through your day! It is not only about the Night sets but also silk robes that do wonders. It’s time to make dress code rest in peace by chucking the inhibitions and hesitations, all you got to do is style your sleepwear with the ideal accessorizing and freshness.

A good Pyjama needs to stand out with elongated height when you wear it for your outer wear, you can opt for a good pair of heels like wedges, platforms or open toed sandals. If you plan to just thrown on the night shirt then denims or shorts come to your rescue.  Talking about accessorizing it, entice your night set neckline with a delicate necklace because you would not want to carry it too far and let the night-suit alone do all the talking. If you really want to go over the top with styling them, you can make up your mind on admirable denim or a bomber jacket to get the extra laid-back feel with them.

I styled them with my favorite pair of nude heels and a huge tote, the accessorizing is minimal because the stripes are good enough to make the needed statement.

I got mine from, they also stock up sleep shirts, shorts and sets both for girls and guys.

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