Sapphire X Cameron Kham





Wearing Cameron Kham, Location: Casbah at Westin Hyderabad, Photography: Anees Tasneem Shaik

Hope you all are doing great!

Sometimes I like to blog about things simple as all about feeling blessed with what you have and of course about this breathtaking dress by Cameron Kham a creative designer from Paris that curated luxury ready-made women’s wear.

Coming to the outfit, it’s a very versatile and has a midnight blue tone to it with white and gold lace detail patch work on top. Cameron Kham’s designs are very vivid and pulsating, they give you the entire feel in the world to get out and party. The dress is hassle free to me with a minimal sleeveless design, who would not want both ease yet look extremely chic on a night outing? I paired them with my sequined black peep toes and nothing better than messy hair.

Throw out your inhibition while you adorn Cameron Kham’s contemporary and boldly feminine creations. I love this ensemble, it is surely my go-to night out dress, because of its beautiful color and simplicity.

On a more personal front, last few days makes me believe that I am blessed to have the most remarkable people around me and the power of being happy and content with it initiates everything what I wish to fall in place. It is all about the positive dynamism you give out and also be among, all I want to say is when you encircle yourself with the most astonishingly optimistic people who lift and support you, you shall instantaneously feel content and right about everything. I might fail to articulate in detail but I hope I conveyed how one can find their own peace of mind!

Visit to shop more!

Love x

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