#Blendedwithlove X Garnier

Garnier took it a level up with hair care that is just in no way experienced before. Like always it impressed us with a fresh hair care series that is more than just shampoos. Garnier Ultra Blends which is enriched with ingredients that are finely selected to give you all that your gorgeous locks necessitate!

Each shampoo aims to solve out your daily hair issues with the heart of nature. They are pure, organic and Paraben-free.


Starting off with the different ranges, the first one is the Intense Repair Shampoo infused with Soy Milk and Almonds. Just like a wholesome breakfast gives you the desirable energy, this repair shampoo restores the damaged hair. After using this, my hair felt very soft and I could feel the change in a few days.


The next is for Hair Fall, personally talking I experience a lot of hair fall in the monsoons. I tried the Royal Jelly and Lavender series which is full of vitamins amino acids and lipids that resists hair fall to a great amount.  It revives your hair with the blends of natural extracts. This shampoo is a blessing for those who see a lot of hair on their comb.


Have you lost the shine and luster in your tresses? Fret not because Henna & Blackberry is here to do the needful for you. It is the ultimate shine shampoo that alters your hair from dull to glossy and full of life. Henna has always known to be a boon for the hair since ages and nothing enhanced than having a combination of Henna & Blackberry. This is my favorite one!


The 5 precious herbs with Green tea, Lemon, Henna, Aloe and Eucalyptus are to rejuvenate your hair and keep them healthy every day.  After using it for quite a few washes, your mane will feel strong and nurtured than before! As green tea detoxifies our body, the hair also goes through the same with the 5 precious herbs range.

Keeping in mind the Mythical power of these ingredients, Garnier pulls off the Ultra Blends range for hair of all type and giving a great therapy to your Hair.

Have you bought the Range yet for your hair to feel like never before?  Try out and let us know in the comment box below.

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