Diesel Denim Master Studio








First of all, I am thrilled to even out put in words to you about how I feel right now. Because I got an opportunity to adorn these Diesel denims, it makes me feel on top of the world. I think it’s each existing being’s reverie to have a pair of diesel denims in their closet, and I got my first here.

Lately, Diesel came up with the concept of customizing your own denims with rivets, trinkets and embroidered badges called the Denim Master Studio. Can you imagine an only one of its kind pair only for you, and no-one owns the identical design. It is personalized by you. It is one of the most cool thing one could do their pair denims.  I visited my nearest Diesel store and found out about how the entire customization course goes; you have a plethora of little studs and vibrant patches to beautify your favorite pair of Diesel denims.

They have exquisite hot press machines that take about 20 minutes for everything to get done with. Whether you like it uncomplicated or jazzed up, you can get OTT creative, pick out your alternative and go ahead wisely on your denims. It is not only just about denims but also jackets or anything denim that you buy from Diesel.

I went for a very simple embroidered patch on the front and back of my denims, keeping it very effortless. I created this look with a white breezy tube top; the fit of my denims is extraordinarily relaxed.

I don’t need anything more in life now.

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