Being Effortless


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Hope you’ll are making most of the damp season. I undoubtedly love it but the fact that it ruins my shoot hours sometimes really gets on to me.  Today, designer Aanchal Kohli is the talk of the blog, her brand Meraki will magnetize you with class.

Her clothing has a very pastel color palette where she offers a blend of contemporary yet trendy demi-couture and casual wear for the modern woman. Meraki comes alive with silhouettes, delicate fabrics and assorted play of color and print that tell a story finished off with beautiful embellished details by practiced artisans.

I was very hesitant to throw on whites earlier; I have a notion about the color not going with my skin tone. Lately, I can’t do without whites, they are so wonderful to adorn. Specially, if you look into this attire, the fragile elements pursued by Aanchal are the heartthrob of the dress.

The ensemble is serene and tasteful.

Do follow me on Instagram for more and let me know about your views on how you work out with whites.


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