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Romper: Shwetha Puthran label; Photopraphy: Tulsi ramshetty; Location: Room Therapy Hyderabad

I have been trying to update blogs for quite some time now and finally pushed my lethargy aside today to write this. Today we are talking about another label – Shwetha Puthran, a designer who plays with a lot of archetypal colors yet ups her game with the detailing and prints in each bit.

I am a girl with a lot of pinks and blacks in her closet, but while I drive myself to try most of the fresh things I every so often make colors like rust for me. Rompers and playsuits always allured me, for the fact they are so effortless to slip on and I can run all along the place.

Her couture is inspired by the things which have touched her heart and have inspired her soul. Architecture, scientific blue prints, geometry, a balance of color and DNA are a few of the factors one will see in Shwetha’s designs.

I think the rust romper does so much of talking here and it is unusual from the typical, it has a balloon top feel with shorts beneath that gives a very separate vibes. In short I might fail to elucidate it in the precise words but you shall get to know through the pictures. Hope you enjoy them!


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  1. Elakshi says:

    This romper is life πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ so gorgeous 😍😍

  2. Really an amazing blog post. We would love to see more posts like this. And please check out our blog also.

  3. daintystreet says:

    I love your minimalist makeup. Looking very natural and gorgeous.
    Do visit my blog at http://www.daintystreet,com since we seem to share lots of common ideas. πŸ™‚

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