Spirited Mornings






Crop top & Joggers: Bewakoof; Photography: Rutvik Katuri  

Who does not love some attractive yet comfortable active wear? I am very keen on this blend!

Bewakoof now has an assortment of crop tees, t-shirts, tank tops and joggers that make your morning run easier than ever.  They also have quite a few denim crop tops which are really fast selling hence I could not get my hands on it.

While I slipped into my cool and relaxed joggers, my crop tee gave me a vigorous feel at the same time because of the peculiar print on it. I am not a workout person lately, I used to do yoga a while ago and when I received this active wear on my door step the other day I decided to have a quick run nearby because I would also get a chance to put on this super relaxed attire because I love my new clothes feel.

This look is very effortless but it makes so much of a statement with its color combination and not to overlook the quality. I like my active wear very easy but I like to keep it stylish.

At least now my favorite joggers don’t let me miss my morning run!

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