Playsuit: Vedika M, Location: Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, Hyderabad

I love summers, you know why right? Vibrant colors, chilling by the pool in a bikini and sipping my favorite mocktail! Of course. Why else would one love summer? The reality is that here it is freaking 45 Degree Centigrade and I cant wait for the rain drops to hit my window pane.

Do I always speak about the weather and how fashion keeps changing along with it. That’s how I like to start it because that is the most evident factor. You know how much I love prints and this one is an abstract vibrant one from Vedika Merh’s lively collection. Playing with colors and creating something this gorgeous is an art itself.


This is a classic play suit one would want to have it one’s wardrobe, colors let me literally fall in love with summer and help me survive it, one crazy reason to get involved with the weather. Along with such pieces Vedika gets so creative that each outfit has its own uniqueness and beauty, how just love how she does it! Her passion for design makes her what she is today and the work is commendable.

How do you like this look? Let me know in the comments below and follow me on Instagram for more 🙂




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