Luxury Roses







Gifting flowers is now a luxury redefined by OneRoze that is India’s first luxury floral brand. Exotic flowers sourced from growers across the globe combined with opulent packaging elevating the gifting experience to everlasting moments.

Beautiful packaging, one of kind and the world’s most long lasting roses, Keerthi Reddy gave life to her passion and dream together. She has always envisioned luxury lifestyle and gifting. With creative illustrations, she has blended the tradition of gifting flowers with design innovation. Her team has begun its artistry by making exclusive designer arrangements of roses & exotic foliage. She is responsible for the visual expression of OneRoze.

One of my most favorite designers Archana Rao, is the brain behind their La Fleurir collection, which has been inspired by Taj Mahal, famous Versailles Palace Garden, and Champs de Elysees Hi-street in Paris.

They have three categories of packaging – Impressions, that is a flatly designed box, Frozen in Time that are packaged in a clear box that have the world’s most long lasting roses and the La Fleurir – Signature Collection/Limited Collection which comes in a pretty barrel box, which is one of my favorite. You can pick and choose colors of your choice. These all include fresh and bloomy garden roses and other flowers of your choice. Each packaging is crafted intricately that are so appealing to the eyes and are classy.

Now one does not have to worry about gifting anything to you loved ones, all you need to do is order your favorite bunch of beautiful roses from

I would love waking up to these roses every morning!

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