Talons d’or






Heels: Talons’ Dor; T-shirt Dress: Splash, Photography; Disha Bhandari

“I have enough shoes”, said no girl ever! Everybody needs a shoe in all colors, design, trends and of course every heel size, atleast I do. What is more astonishing is that when you get to create your own shoe and wear the design you always wanted but could not find the right pair maybe?

Talons’ dor gives you the opportunity to now design your own shoes, prefer the texture of the material, color, heel size, pattern and lots more. This is something tremendously exciting, at least for me because I can never get enough so many trends and I want them all.

The design palette is super easy, all you need to do is just select the platter of options available and go as per the instructions, your design is previewed to you with minutes and everything is incredibly hassle free.

I chose my ankle heel strapped, knitted textured dark brown heels and they look so gorgeous. My heel size is about 4 inches and they are super comfortable that I can’t even! Try your creativity at http://www.talonsdor.com/, their craftsmanship is beyond exquisite and so is the quality. Let me know how do you like my design?


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