Floral, again.







Top: Stalk Buy Love; Skirt: Land of August; Pumps: Zara; Necklace: Chic Therapy


I believe Floral Print can never make its way out from fashion; it was, is and will for all time be there to brighten up your dreary day. They come out for brunches, dates, weddings or a cup of coffee too. Since we know that spring has just passed by, the sun shines right above our head, I like getting out all the pastels and light colors out of my closet and dress my way.  Idyllic for any summer soiree, this bloomy and bright floral skirt could really do wonders.

I feel I have a love and hate relationship with prints, they do add a lot of life to your attire, but I am always hesitant to repeat them quite often because they catch a person’s eye easily.  My idea of wearing the same prints should be occasional, but not always.  When you wear it after a really long time, it brings in some curiosity. You can always team them up with a subtle plain upper/lower, a great combination of pastels, something sheer or even something bold for that matter, but since the weather does not permit me to go loud, a classic white crop top is just the right thing.

Going through my accessory choices, a long chain to add beauty and a low bun fulfilled my look.

Love x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Akash Jain says:

    I absolutely love this look @_@

  2. The pumps look superb! Definitely need to get my hands on them too …

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