Is butter a carb? X Doodlage






Top: Amore Couture; Skirt: Doodlage, Earrings: Chic Therapy; Gladiators: Old (Mumbai)

Doodlage by Kriti Tula started off with a fabulous collection infused with intricacies of eccentricity and some up cycled textiles. The clothing is very contemporary yet has an Indian feel to it. Collection after collection, Kriti attempts to get the best of the ground-breaking designs on board with her inspiration that comes from the fabrics she works on and stays consistent all the way through. All together her pieces have traces of innovation, they are bright and striking to wear on.

Her latest collection caught my attention because of the quoted moving lines on a few designs, which made me fall in love with Doodlage. “Is butter a carb?” a famous one from “Mean Girls” is done exceptionally embroidered well on this semi denim-net midi skirt with golden sequined hues. The skirt comes off as bold and lively piece of clothing and can be teamed up with possibly anything because of the impact it solely manages to make. I personally wanted it to stand out so I have worn my plain crop top and tried layering it with a dark blue denim shirt to emphasize it further on.

Vivacious accessories that add a pop to the minimal color palette and strappy gladiator heels were enough to complete my look.

Is butter a carb? What do you think?

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