The Reboot Story

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Trench & skirt: Reboot by Anuj Bhutani, Top: Own, Shoes: Intoto; Photography: Shreyans Dungawral Photography, Location: Inhabit store, Banjara Hills

Hope you all are doing well?

Perfect Silhouettes, intricate detailing and the fragrance of freshly sewed couture. Today, I am talking about my love for designer wear, who does not love to be decked out in them? I think it is an asset for any fashion admirer/enthusiast, as for me owning any such exquisite piece means a lot. Anuj Bhutani is one of my favorite designers for sure and I was elated to style the whole ensemble, his label – Reboot has designs that are contemporary, fresh. young and mostly very assorted from the standard. Reboot is influenced by strong hues of minimalism yet are so chic and on edge.

Discussing about the attire, it is from the SS 15 collection, the white woolen detailed pencil skirt was layered with a light and dark blue combination trench coat was shot in the quirky atmosphere of Inhabit store. Layering is something I am really fond of, but I never get a chance to experiment on it, maybe the weather or maybe just. I don’t know. I was extremely contented with the whole layering concept, I am not sure if I pulled it off quite well but I am always open to experimentation.

Let me know how do you like the look, also don’t forget to check out Anuj Bhutani’s new collection and follow me on Instagram for more updates.

Ciao! ❤



2 Comments Add yours

  1. japonicanyc says:

    When you say the top is “your own”, is it because it is a company you don’t want to discuss? OR, it was cheap and thus maybe not so keen to remark on? OR, you’re not being paid to discuss it ? (not saying you personally, just saying you in general speaking terms 🙂 ! ) OR that it was old, so you can’t find it now in stores like the rest of the items?
    Anyway, cute look, and I love the yellow wall!

    1. Hi, that is very valid point that you have made. The top was bought by me long ago while I was street shopping.Definitely it is no brand so people cannot purchase it now. But, next time I shall be more specific. Thankyou Japonicanyc 🙂

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