Ancient Ayurveda


So, this month I was sent two products from Body Herbal’s new range, as you know I have earlier done their Vanilla Body Shower gel and face mist out of which the shower gel became my absolute favorite and sadly I have ran out of it now, there was nothing like it!

This time, I have two different skin care products, one is the Orange Natural Moisturizing Body Lotion & the other is the Skin Brightening Instant Beauty Honey Almond face pack. Let us see how they worked for me 🙂

I personally find the Body Herbal’s products very trustworthy when it comes to quality as they are adapted from Ayurveda and have natural ingredients.

  1. Orange Natural Moisturizing Body Lotion: This comes in a decent packaged bottle (200ml) which is extremely handy and easy to travel with because of the pump. The lotion contains Vitamin C Skin booster with Orange Pulp Almond Essential Orange Oil.  It also has antioxidant properties to keep you protected from UV rays. I am always a very berry person and for the first time I am trying out something in the orange flavor! This body lotion is soft and supple on your body leaving your skin refreshed and invigorating. The only turn off about this lotion for me is its fragrance, I can’t handle the too tangy-orange filled smell as it gets into my head after a while. If you’re a person who loves oranges, then why not?
  2. Skin Brightening Instant Beauty Honey Almond face pack: This comes in a little container and has ingredients like honey, aloevera, almond oil & orange essential oil that improvises your skin texture and makes it more radiant. In this range this product is a win-win for me because it is more of a cleansing & purifying pack for my skin, its fragrance is orange but I can deal with it as I just have to wash it off my face after a while and hence the smell does not stay with me. The honey almond pack gave my skin a smooth and soft feel and glowing.

Try out their range, find them on Instagram or mail them on and also let me know your views about their different skin care products as I am always up to try more!

Follow me on Instagram for more updates, Until next time, Ciao!


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