Hi all!

Back with another post, here I am talking about how much it really takes to make extraordinary clothes, something more towards clothing from authentic Indian roots. I am a huge fan of the clothes that are ‘Made in India’, it really gives me a proud feeling to be wearing something that is so beautiful, made here and lately with so many of Indian Designers budding, it is very appreciable that they are taking fashion to the next level and moreover, international.

I see a huge number of Hollywood designers adorning many of our designer numbers and it feels really good. With the whole trend of comfortable clothing doing rounds, I am witnessing a lot coming from cities like Jaipur an Ahmadabad that reflect our culture into textiles. Priya Keswani, Founder at Alaya Рthe Storehouse is one of such designers that resides in Jaipur and has her roots really inspire her to create something so beautiful, with a contemporary twist. She has a range of diverse block and ikat prints on fabrics like organic cotton and a mix of other unique ones.

Coming to the best part, she can customize it for you, just the way you want it. Here, I am wearing the subtle white twin set and a milkbraid braid. Let me know about how do you like this look and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.



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