Lacing Around






Location Courtesy: Elvy Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. 

Hi Everybody!

Hope you all are doing great! I am going to be on a blog writing spree for you guys for a few days now! This post is very sudden and unexpected, lately been doing to much of Indian and ethnic stuff I am back to my usual me with body-cons and laces. This dress is a beautiful Ivory color detailed lace dress from StalkBuyLove with cuts on the waist. I believe I have never done much of lace on the blog so I was quite excited for this one.

I shall be keeping this post simple and short as the look goes to be easy, I feel it is a very high-tea attire. I really like the fit of the dress as it slips in easily on me, a low ponytail with chunky black stoned earrings and I am really good to go with this.

We shot this in a beautiful lifestyle store – Elvy, a brand that holds in beautiful plush interiors and gives your space an an ultimate luxury feel with its hand-picked collections. I absolutely loved the decor they store, it made me feel like shopping for my own space.

Let me know how you like this look and also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for my blog updates!


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