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Featuring: The Label Studio

Photography: Arpita Patel Passionographer  

I just have a thing for shopping Melas and fun rides though we hardly ever have “that” time now, where as in childhood all we would do is enjoy the Giant wheel and Carousel rides and also I love being a 90’s kid. I love how I got a chance to again visit a Mela and was so happy to do it after ages, away from the popup bazaars and online shopping. No, I am not against online shopping; it is certainly one of my preferred things to do even at work.

Speaking of my connection with Indian wear, I used to share a love – hate relationship with it. I was an absolute anti-ethnic wear kinda girl, but since quite a long time, I have seen many stores that have been sprouting and doing so well. The creativity, vision and the effort the Indian Designers are putting into the couture just takes Fashion to another level! The long tunic kurtas that are doing rounds are stealing my heart away, furthermore they are super-duper comfortable to get into and stay in there for a lengthy time.

Pink lover that I am, opting for a easy embroidered Kurta, that makes a statement in itself, does prove that “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”, if I am wearing something towards the ethnic side, a gorgeous pair of Jhukmas just do the magic for me and adding on a pair of Juttis is just a cherry on the cake. This month I tried something fresh, flash tattoos on my feet just for fun, as well. I tied up my hair into a simple side braid and completed the look with it.

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Love x

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  1. love the pictures! 🙂

  2. Hey,
    You have a lovely blog. Could you please mention from where do you purchase the accessories also ? ( earring, slip-ons)
    TIA. 😊

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