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Hope mid-week is treating you right! This post is special as it is dedicated to all my readers who help me to be what I am, support and love me throughout always. Not to sound any more clichéd but the truth is my readers and followers make me really feel good and blessed about myself.  Blogging just happened to me and my pace to make it big is definitely unhurried because I manage too much of other things along with it as well. I hit 10k on Instagram, yes this might not be a big deal for many of because it’s been and seen very much around, but there is always a first for somebody and so is the same for me!

I keep shuffling between my editorial work and blog shoots and trust me before I sleep at night, I always have my visions about how this outfit should be styled and how should I shoot this and what it should revolve around. The brain is constantly just knitting thoughts Haha! I am glad and content but this makes me realize that I have more responsibility added to this passion of mine and also always working on getting something different for you all, everytime.

Starting off with the look, to celebrate this landmark, what better than playing it jazzy? Balloons, party poppers and messy hair! This post was due for New Year’s Eve but that wasn’t clearly possible as I was too tied up. Sequins were something I could not do without, I took a break from it for several months but this color and dress is something I could not resist. How gorgeous is it ?  I would just like to thank each and every one of you, many such more milestones to come and hope we see all of it together!

Cheers x

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