Christmas Mornings


DSC02366 (2)




Nightwear: Liwa, Slippers: Westside, Location: Fusion9

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It is that time of the year, we all have been waiting for! Hot Chocolate, Cozy Nights, Fireplace, Holidays and lots more! This is my most awaited post of all times because Christmas has always been special to me, since childhood. I always loved visiting the church and just simply enjoying the day because it is so happy everywhere and people are joyous!

My Christmas Mornings this year start with Liwa Nightwear, I received  this personalized sets from them with my name embroidered on it and they are so cute. They have different adorable prints and it can be customized as per your requirements if you want pajama sets, or just a sleep in shirt and shorts.

Starting off with this Christmas morning look, this pastel yellow pajama set from Liwa had a pink bunny print, I brushed my hair into a crown ponytail and the decor did the magic. Along with a variety spread of christmas treats like pastries, macarons, chocolates and oh my God! I can’t stop ranting about how much I love this day.

Sleep wears are something so essential in everybody’s life and having an ideal one is so important, wear the best because as they say who knows you might just meet someone handsome in your dreams.

You can shop from these sets from Instagram: Liwa official 

Happy Holidays and Lots of Love!

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