Zapyle on the go!



Are you bored of your same style pieces in the closet? Or are you the person that has nothing to wear like every other girl says every morning! ( I am definitely one of them ;))

Zapyle puts an end to all this, an app where you can Discover, Sell, Buy and Inspire.


All you need to do is post your outfits if you want to sell them, with what type of a clothing is it, your size, color, brand name and put it on sale and earn! Buy the best of the clothes from the most stylish closets across the country. If you like your other fashion mate’s, you can also buy their dress and make it yours. It is very easy now to transform your whole wardrobe and give it a new look once you start shopping like a pro! You can also post your style inspirations and get admirers follow you.

Download the IOS and Android app from the App and Google Play Store – It’s Free! or also visit –

Happy Selling & Shopping!

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