Juicy Chemistry


Hi all,

It is getting cold in here and most importantly I need a perfect care regime for my skin to be nourished and in a great state. I am here with yet another amazing natural skin care product line for you all – Juicy Chemistry, it is brand that takes Skin Care to an all new level! It is handcrafted and has natural and organic nutrients. You really do’t have to worry about any breakouts as they are completely Chemical Free! What more can one ask for? šŸ˜€



To start off with, I was sent two products from their wide variety. The first product I am going to talk about is a Gourmet Soap in Geranium Rose & Saffron. It came in an extremely attractive packaging and fragrance was majorly Saffron based and orange-ish in color. It is extremely supple on my skin and the best part about it is, my skin feels very smooth unlike of the chemical infused soaps. Personally, I am a shower gel person but this Gourmet Soap made me really re-think about my shower gel obsession!


The Second Product is the Ylang Ylang & Lavender Daily Face Cleanser. It is made of Oatmeal, Honey, Olive & Jajoba Oil, Lavender Flowers and Sugar Mix . The first thing I did was smell it and it had a pleasant fragrance of Lavender + Oat and other ingredients. It is of a very grainy texture, I mixed it with water until it was paste like, applied it on all over my face and rinsed it. My skin felt clean and rejuvenated, also the breakouts have definitely reduced since I started using it. I would give this one a big thumbs-up!


Along with these products I also received a natural Loofah, which is usually made of the Dried Ridge Gourd. it is so amazing to use it as a body scrub and get rid of the dead cells.

All in all, I would really go for Juicy Chemistry again, once I get done with these and like Juicy Chemistry says, “If you can’t eat the ingredients in your skin care rang, then you shouldn’t put them on your skin”!

Order on Instagram : juicy_chemistry.

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