DSC01391Dress – Aww!; Earring – Jewels by Naomi, Location – Kavanah

Hi everybody,

Hope you are having a great festive time, ready to get all dolled up with the best of jewelry and dresses. This year I try giving some modern twist to the festivities with Aww! by Priyanka & Jenisha Shah, their collection is dreamy and sweet, something that every girl would fall in love with! Their latest “Spun Sugar” collection is all about bright candy colors like pinks, greens, blue and reds blended with cute minimal prints. The Spun Sugar soft Pastel Green long gown with cage detailing is something I fell for, it is currently the most adorable attire of my wardrobe.

Styled with a braided bun and mint green stoned earrings, I chose a location with cute cages all around to compliment the whole dress and maybe over do the element a bit. Aww! has definitely to offer the sweetest treats to you every-time with their appealing collection which are worth savoring!

Happy Festivities, to y’all!

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