White Bodycon Dress – Stalk Buy Love, Jewelry – Silvette, Shoes -Zara, Location- Stone Waters

Happy Sunday!

I have always loved complete white body-con dresses, talking about that here is a little fact about me, I am an ardent fan of the Kardashians/Jenners and I have seen all their reality series. It all started out of boredom and I started loving their drama! Funny right? Do you guys watch it too? I like all the sisters and really adore how they take out all the time in the world to dress up so much. When I got this white body-con dress, I realized almost all of them have worn this one pretty much as their favorite because they have over-repeated themselves and styled it in different ways by adding a trench coat and all of that which clearly doesn’t work here in India. Shot in a very date feeling with some champagne, I added a little bling to the pure white with some blue, gold and going completely nude with my makeup. I think white is the new black and everybody should consider a white body-con in their closet!

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