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Hi all,

It is always fun to shoot for jewelry, I believe it is the most essential part of the wardrobe after the dress. Nothing is complete without good jewelry and what better if its handcrafted? Silvette offers an endless range of Exquisite handcrafted Jewelry made of Natural Semi Precious stones,they have all the ranges of  Jewelry you aspire, that too at an affordable price. I was in love with their designs, color combination and quality, they have so much more to offer just than jewelry and that is making one look beautiful!

My look with Silvette is a luncheon look, playing more with pastels and concentrating more on how one can change an attire by just adding a few pieces of jewelry. The big chunky ring and pendant matched well with my casual dress, if you are ever conscious about repeating an outfit, keep changing your jewelry with it for looking the best! It is festive time and they have a contest for you, they have The Desi Look contest this Navratri! Simply share your Desi look in Navratri attire and tag 3 friends & Silvette to win amazing Silvette vouchers everyday.
Girls, start clicking selfies & stay tuned!

Leave your comments about how do you like this look. I love to know 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. You pull off these pastel shades so well without looking dull at all.. And about that jewelery.

  2. That jewelery looks great on you too 🙂

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