In my shoes






Hi Everybody!

Hope you all are having an amazing Sunday! Here I am with my new post on INTOTO Shoes and some denim loving. I just love the whole denim on denim trend, it is just so versatile and classic. I wanted to portray that party shoes can be worn on something so casual and still look on point! Imagine getting into a club with the denim on denim and keeping your stilettos high for the party. It isn’t necessary to get always dressed in something party wear, the details really matter. Like the INTOTO silver stilettos that add so much of detail to the denim on denim look.

Their brand had to channel their intense passion for shoes into an entrepreneurial dream. Months and months of research, designing, team-work and pre-planning has led to INTOTO bringing you the coolest, classiest designs at prices you will love!

You can check out their site and look out for the style that suits you, the heels I am wearing is kind of holographic, not much but the texture gives me that feel. I would definitely opt this look next time for a party. Will you? 😀

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