Mornings with India Circus





C360_2015-09-16-15-44-14-639Cushions, Mug, Diary – All India Circus ; Location – The Park, hyderabad

Hi All,

Been long since I posted a blog here, otherwise you can always follow me on Roposo and see what I am up to. I have always loved the stuff from India Circus, it is that one brand that has a varied range of versatile prints on mugs, cushion covers, bags, dairies, stoles and what not! The style is contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable for various areas of your life, from home decor to personal accessories.
India Circus seeks to curate the essence of life in India, and transcribe this loud and colorful experience into contemporary and sophisticated style. The vibrancy of the colors combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional. So here it is, I am sharing my love for it in this post and it is something very casual. My look was too simple, over a cup of coffee in the mornings and playing with some cushions all over. You know what the best part is? They have a mega sale going on right now and you can grab these lovely pieces at a steal!

Also, I have some exciting news for the ladies who reside in Hyderabad. The Park has something fun and interesting for you every Wednesday at their glamorous night club – Kismet. They have ladies night for all of you, so unwind your stress with this midweek party! 

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  1. great blog! just gave you a follow here and on instagram, would love if you would follow me on both as well—@sprinkleofsurprise
    love meeting and connecting with my fellow desi girls out here 🙂

  2. Hello Ishna!
    I have always been having a glance on your words, accesories and your style of course. No doubt, you go with the flow and your words totally compliment you. I just wish to ask (if you don’t mind) what actually is the work of a blogger? Where or how do you work for your earn? What does it benefit a blogger when followed or not followed by readers?

    1. Hi Augustine. Thankyou! A blogger shares their personal experience and use blogs as a platform to do so. Its just a personal interest of each blogger to share something to the world. I earn through the collaborations from each brand that I promote or style it. There is no benefit if you don’t have any followers but its well and good in your favor if you have many people who look up to you.

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