Ethnic on my Mind – II





Skirt and Floral Crop Top – Akruti Ethnic Couture; Sneakers – Adidas Superstar Collection; Hand Accessory – Hill Road (Mumbai)

Hi Lovelies,

I love being so active on my blog and here I am continuing my Ethnic saga with you all. Free to write, sitting at my workplace with absolutely nothing to do! So why not just do a blog post?  I have always been a fan of flared skirts – long or short, they look really  beautiful and Akruti – Ethnic Couture  has completely changed the definition of ethnic for me. How do we forget florals here? I adore the pretty prints and love it when it is a crop top! I did not want a very girly/dainty look for this but somehow I always end up looking that way because I dont know 😐

With my new Adidas buy, I wanted to add some fun element to this look! I was too skeptical about the way it will turn out, I was pretty comfortable with it, running everywhere with my sneakers and skirt. That is my personal take on these sneakers going pretty well with this attire. Some of you might like it some of you might not, but at the end I love experimenting with whatever I wear and doing something I haven’t done before.

Hope you like this look of mine which is a fusion wear, a bit of ethnic and a bit of western and yes very much fun!

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