Easy dressing and all that Jazz


T- Shirt Dress – Splash India; Sneakers – Adidas Superstar; Lennons – Rayban; Fringe Bag – Avec Amour Bags

Hi Hi,

So excited to be writing again and trying new trends. I have suddenly thought about how casual fashion pieces can make so much statement, relaxed yet tasteful. Luncheon get together or chilling at a lounge, a T – shirt dress is hassle-free and you can just throw it upon and yet the whole look is easy, no heels no pain! Sometimes I like it that way; I always am in two minds whether to put on heels or just flats that is when I remember after a while my feet just die because of the heel pressure! I believe that my closet should consist of everything that is in trend (sounds too funny, but yeah :P)




I like experimenting and so my fresh found love are these super hip sneakers, how do I overlook the fringe trend? Believe me, Initially when I saw everybody adorning it, personally I never thought of owning whatever thing that was fringe but yes, that has gotten into me now and I have many “fringe” add-ons to my wardrobe, now! And this tan bag made it the. When I was shooting this look early morning, the wind planned to do this to my pictures. Haha, nonetheless it is here J

Tell me how do you like my casual luncheon look?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. jul1992 says:

    Wow, I really like your outfit, it looks absolutely amazing! 😀
    Do you wear your cute Adidas sneakers without socks?

    1. I have worn skin socks if you zoom and see it. 🙂

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