Stalking over Pastels


Outfit Details: Mint Blush Shrug – Stalk Buy Love; Pants and Tee – Forever21; Heels – Zara India; Watch – Michael Kors; Clutch – Fancy Pants.

Hey Gorgeous people!

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! 🙂 My work for the month is finally done, now I am relaxing and I love love writing for you all, for myself. I am a journalist by profession because I discovered my passion a little late when I had gone for my first marketing job and turned out to be a feature writer for a magazine. I love what I do, I love my job, I love fashion, writing shopping and so much more! I have never written anything on a personal note so I just thought about doing it today! Also I hit 6000+ followers, it is all your invariable support that made me reach here! I love you guys!




Now coming to the outfit, Stalk Buy Love got me Stalking over some crazy new June additions they have to their site. I love them, literally! So, I turned a stalker on the new collection and as one would expect they have astonishing trendy pieces, with commendable quality. They never fail to keep themselves up to date with fashion and I have always spotted everything I had the desire to wear and are in trend, yet could not find it elsewhere. This mint blush shrug from their shrug collection just stole my heart; it is more like a cape blazer and can be worn over anything either plain or printed. Pairing it with a whole white outfit, I wanted the mint shrug to be the highlight and stand out in the attire. My undying love for gold and pastels merge in this look. I always had it in my mind about the hairstyle that would complement the look and that is simple middle parting done hair and less of accessorizing with the intention of not drawing away the attention from the main elements of the outfit.


Do you love the Mint Blush Shrug as much as I do? Leave your comments below!


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