Working it with Whites


Gown – Vestures; Arm Cuff – Classic Couture; Earrings – Jewels by Naomi; Flats – Mumbai 



Can you believe it that Summer is at its peak and trust me, I don’t even want to get out in the heat even to do a little thing! Anybody who makes brunch/lunch plans with me makes me think twice to step out in the sun! Okay, so let us get to why we are here or else I shall crib about the weather all day long! White is such an easy breezy cool color, especially for such weathers. I dotted this stunning gown from Vestures and I loved it so much. It really is such a light color and the whole lace work on the gown really stole my heart. When I spotted this gown, I wanted to merge it with something tan but it didn’t really turn out the way I planned, it rather carved into something much better! I tried out this gown and it just made me look like I was made for it.


The fit was just right and what more does one need except for a good fit and a gorgeous looking you?  I am not much of an earring person, I am fond of statement neckpieces and you must have seen I usually just like to add on something chunky to my neck, but keeping the whole focus on the dress and still accessorizing the right way, these crystal earrings from Jewels by Naomi were very different from the usual colors like pink/red stones or anything that are too typical. I am always in to experimenting with new things and why always have a wrist party when you can have an arm one too? Simple gold flats for a very summery look did complete my whole outfit and I was quite happy with the way it just turned out to be.



Do you like this whole white summer look? Drop your comments below and let me know about this one!

Until Next Time,

The Runway Journal

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