Summer Shine

Hi all,

Summer is here and I have taken a little break from work. I am not a huge fan of summers but only for the reason that I can wear bright colors, shorts and light clothes.







I can’t really pick which is my favorite season though. I got my eyes on this from Wow Clothing, I usually don’t have any yellow in my wardrobe. So, I thought of opting for this color, it is very summery and floral ( You know I love floral if you follow my blog 😀 ) . Pairing it with white pants I wanted a pop of color to show how bright this look could get, pink box sling bag and neon pink shoes with a pearl open choker that I got from Bling Accessories has made the look so adorable. It is super casual but I love its light colored base with pop of bright colors in its shoe and bag. Its the cami style that lifts up the whole look and makes it so cute. How will you style your cami top? It is one of my favorite right now!

Until next time,


The Runway Journal.

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  1. amansoni5 says:

    Well, I went through most of your posts and I have got to say this that, the way you have used your own fashion sense is brilliant. The language is easy and quick to hit. And your photographs(they are beautiful) show exactly what is needed.

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