Mixing and Matching

Hello Everyone!

So, it has been long since I did a post! Work-overload, Vacation and just procrastination, maybe? Haha, okay now keeping that entire thing aside. Here I am: D



Shirt – Max, Palazzos – Outfits (mumbai), Sandals – Sole to Sole (Mumbai), Envelope Clutch – Tory Burch, Bracelet – Hill Road (Mumbai)




So, I always loved palazzos, a lot! But not more than how much I love maxi skirts. I always thought it didn’t suit me because I am not that tall. I had worn these before to a party and teamed it up with a crop top, but somehow it wasn’t really standing out for me. When I don’t really have anything to do at any point of the day, I usually plan for my blog posts, find pieces and mix and match them, pieces that I am not really making a statement with. I had bought this striped shirt long ago and found these two blending very well. Hesitant to pair, I tied it up (if you want to pair up your favorite shirt with a maxi or a palazzo, tying up makes it super stylish and chic).  I think this outfit really changed my view for palazzos and how they should be styled. Envelope clutches are my weakness, so here it is. Tell me how you like this look and also let know how would you style your palazzos?


The Runway Journal

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  1. The palazzos look fantastic on you!

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