Quirkiness Everywhere!

Ever thought about being completely quirky and stunning? Now you can, with – “Quirk Box”! It is fun, offbeat and a lifestyle label that exudes wearable eccentricityI could not stop adoring their collection and innovation, so I had to get something exclusive to you guys for you to know more about them and get Quirky! From dresses and accessories for girls to shirts and shorts for Men they have it all! Color-loaded prints, vintage cars, minions, ice-cream factory, dream factory, boyfriend jackets, circus prints, soldier prints, toy factory, stuck with stupid and now “The Resort Wear” Collection, Quirk Box seems to drive all the fashion-lovers crazy and everybody can’t wait to order their choice. We have an Exclusive interview with Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia, the creative minds behind this range of awesomeness.

ImageJayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia

How did you start up with Quirk Box?
A. Wanting to extend our creative forte into new mediums, into new domains, wanting to create a label that we found exciting and original, that was unique and spelt individuality. When Art and fashion intertwined, Quirk Box was born.
Why cartoon or color prints?
A. Quirk Box is about innovation and originality. We strive on creating concepts which are fresh, fun, have an international appeal, original and of course Quirky. There is an oddity and sense of innovation that is a virtue of Quirk Box. This oddity, this ‘quirkiness’, and this implicit need to be original and fun is the USP for Quirk Box.
Where do you take your inspiration from?
A. We at Quirk Box are inspired by our experiences. And our experiences change everyday and we allow that to reflect in our design. We are creating what we enjoy, what we find fun. Having studied and lived in South East Asia, South East Asian art, artist and manga became strong influences in my design education. Manga was definitely a dominant influences in my (Jayesh’s) education.
Tell us something more about your resort wear collection?
A. With Prints remaining the focal point in this resort wear collection; luxe and fluid fabrics like silk crepes, georgettes, and poplins have been introduced to elevate the print quality and vibrancy. Symmetry has been achieved with clean silhouettes and some Quirky embroidery. Quirk Box has been extremely well received at the Lakme Fashion Week.
What is the next big step?
A. Lakme Fashion Week has opened new markets for Quirk Box. Also now the showcase at North East Fashion Fest will further lead to new opportunities for the brand. The online market is also growing tremendously and Quirk Box is highly active on Social Media Platforms. Digital marketing and promotions along with collaborations related to Art,Fashion and Design are a few things Quirk Box is working on currently to expand its reach into diverse markets across and beyond India.

How do we order Quirky Clothes?
A. We ship Worldwide, you can just place an order from our brand new website www.thequirkbox.com and we shall ship out the Quirkiness to your doorstep 🙂
Stuck with Stupid Pencil Dress
 So, get ready to get astonishingly quirky with Quirk Box 😀
 Love, The Runway Journal ❤

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